Engineering Innovations

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Druid Lake Dam

Baltimore, MD

When completed, the Druid Lake Dam was the first major earthfill dam to be constructed in the United States.
Dublin-Belfast Rail Link

Dublin to Belfast

Duck Creek Aqueduct

Metamora, IN

Constructed in 1846, this 71-foot span is the oldest covered wooden aqueduct in the country. It still carries the Whitewater River Canal over Duck Creek. The aqueduct was...
Dunlap's Creek Bridge

Brownsville, PA

Dunlap's Creek Bridge is the oldest all-metal arch bridge in the United States. Conceived by Captain Richard Delafield in 1830, it was completed in 1839, and it emphasized...
Duquesne Incline

Pittsburgh, PA

One fo the first passenger inclines in the United States.
Durango-Silverton Branch of the D&RGW RR

Durango, CO

This is one of the last of the narrow gauge railroads that linked the Colorado mining towns of Durango and Silverton. Constructed in 1882, the railroad is an example of the...
Eads Bridge

East St. Louis, IL

The Eads Bridge was the first major railroad link over the Mississippi, constructed by the city of St. Louis in an attempt to maintain its dominance as a regional commercial hub.
Eads South Pass Navigation Works

New Orleans, LA

Early Developments in Remote-Control


In 1901, the Spanish engineer, Leonardo Torres-Quevedo began the development of a system, which he called Telekine, which was able to do "mechanical movements at a distance....
East Maui Irrigation System

East Maui, HI

East Wells Onieda Street Power Plant

Milwaukee, WI

Pilot plant for US development of pulverized-coal firing in power-plant boilers.
Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Cheussees

Paris, Ile-de-France

Founded by Trudaine in 1747, and still operating, this is the oldest civil engineering school in the world. Its graduates have had a major impact on the art and science of civil...
Eddystone Lighthouse


The fourth (of five) lighthouse on the point, named Smeaton's Tower, is the most famous of the bunch due to its influence on lighthouse design, as well as its importance in...
Eddystone Station Unit #1

Eddystone, PA

The second U.S. (earliest extant) supercritical steam-electric generating unit, pioneering significant increases in steam pressure, steam temperature, and unit size.
Edison 'Jumbo' Engine-Driver Dynamo

Dearborn, MI

One of six dynamos from Edison's Pearl Street Station, the prototype for US central-station power generation.
Edison Experimental Recording Phonograph

West Orange, NJ

The world's first practical sound recording machine.
Eel River High Voltage Direct Current Converter Station

North Shannonvale

Operating since 1972, Eel River, New Brunswick is home to the world's first commercial solid state High Voltage Direct Current converter station. This 320 MW interconnection...
Eglin Air Force Base

Valparaiso, FL

The base supported the U.S. Army Air Corps, the predecessor to the U.S. Air Force, as its primary facility for training new pilots in bombing and gunnery tactics.
Eiffel Drop Test Machine and Wind Tunnel


Most accurate to date drop-test device and wind tunnel to measure drag on falling objects of various shapes.
Eiffel Tower


When completed in 1889, this world renowned structure was the highest in the world. Eiffel chose to use wrought iron instead of steel because of its easier workability at the time.