Engineering Innovations

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Denison Dam

Denison, TX

This was the largest rolled-earth fill dam in the United States when it was constructed from 1939 to 1943.
Detroit Edison District Heating System

Detroit, MI

Early example of typical US district heating plant.
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

Detroit, MI

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is a 5,160-foot structure that carries traffic under the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan and Ontario, Canada.
Development of Electronic Television


Professor Kenjiro Takayanagi transmitted an image of the Japanese character イ(i) on a cathode-ray tube on 25 December 1926 and broadcast video over an electronic television system...
Development of Ferrite Materials and Their Applications


The ferrite core developed by Dr. Takeshi Takei largely contributed to reduce volume and weight of radio receiver relative to the air coil.
Development of the HP-35, the First Handheld Scientific Calculator

Palo Alto, CA

The HP-35 was the first handheld calculator to perform transcendental functions (such as trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions). Most contemporary calculators could...
Development of VHS, a World Standard for Home Video Recording


Aided by many new inventions, VHS was able to obtain broad support from consumers. Its simple structure also made manufacture easy and many manufacturers entered the market for...
Digital Micromirror Device

Plano, TX

Modulating digital light pulses using up to 2 million micromirrors.
Directive Short Wave Antenna


Beginning in 1924, Professor Hidetsugu Yagi and his assistant, Shintaro Uda, designed and constructed a sensitive and highly-directional antenna using closely-coupled parasitic...
Discovery of Fullerenes

Houston, TX

In early September 1985, a team of scientists discovered a previously unknown pure carbon molecule, C60, which they dubbed buckminsterfullerene.
Discovery of Organic Free Radicals by Moses Gomberg

Ann Arbor, MI

In 1900, chemist professor Moses Gomberg discovered an organic free radical, and affirmed what had been thought impossible. His work led to modern theories of the structure of...
Discovery of Radioconduction by Edouard Branly


Edouard Eugène Désiré Branly (1844-1940) is at the origin of wireless telegraphy. He discovered radioconduction, now called the Branly Effect. On 24 November 1890, he observed...
Discovery of Superconductivity


Superconductivity makes many electrical technologies possible, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and high-energy particle accelerators.
Dismal Swamp Canal

Chesapeake, VA

This canal is the oldest surviving artificial waterway in continuous use in the United States. Construction began in 1793 and the canal, utilizing a system of seven locks, was...
Disneyland Monorail System

Anaheim, CA

The first commercial Wenner-Gren monorail system.
Ditch Witch® DWP Service-Line Trencher

Perry, OK

The first mechanized, compact service-line trencher.
Dorton Arena

Raleigh, NC

The arena represents the first permanent use of a cable-supported roof system in the world.
Downey Industrial Plant

Downey, CA

Facility Developed Aircraft and Spacecraft from WWII’s P-51 Mustang Fighter to the Space Shuttle
Drake Oil Well

Titusville, PA

First practical oil recovery system using salt-well drilling techniques and modern pipe-driving methods, marks beginning of US petroleum industry.
Drake Oil Well

Titusville, PA

First practical oil recovery system using salt-well drilling techniques and modern pipe-driving methods, marks the beginning of the US petroleum industry.