Engineering Innovations

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Boyden Hydraulic Turbines

Cohoes, NY

Two of the oldest surviving water turbines, probably the largest and nearly the most powerful ever built in the United States for mechanical drive.
Brandywine River Powder Mills

Wilmington, DE

The largest U.S. maker of explosive black powder, a once-important and now-obsolete 19th-century technology.
Bremen Airport


Founded in the early 19th century, this airport has served the City Municipality of Bremen, Germany for over 100 years, and was used in both World Wars.
Bridgeport Covered Bridge

Penn Valley, CA

Built in 1862, this bridge is the longest single span (230 feet) covered bridge west of the Mississippi River. The design is best described as a Burr truss. It remains in service...
Bridges of Keeseville

Keeseville, NY

These three bridges were built over the AuSable River in Keeseville, within a half-mile of each other. Each represents a distinctly different engineered solution.
Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn, NY

When completed in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It was the first to use steel cables and trusses. Designed by John A. Roebling, it was...
Brooks AFB, Old Hangar 9

San Antonio, TX

In 1918, during its first year of operation, Brooks Field consisted of sixteen hangars with extensive support facilities. Of these early buildings, Hangar 9, dedicated to the...
Browning Firearms Collection

Ogden, UT

Collection of sporting and military firearms designed by John Moses Browning.
Buckeye Steam Traction Ditcher

Findlay, OH

Earliest surviving example of the first successful traction ditching machine for laying agricultural drainage tiles. Located at Hancock Historical Museum.
Buffalo Bill Dam

Cody, WY

The Buffalo Bill Dam, known as the Shoshone Dam until 1946, was the first mass concrete dam in America. At nearly 325 feet high, it was also the tallest dam in the world at the...
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge

Catawba County, NC

The Bunker Hill Bridge is one of only two remaining covered bridges in North Carolina and is the world's sole remaining example of a Haupt truss design.
Burton Farmers Gin Mill

Burton, TX

The earliest known survivor of an integrated cotton ginning system widely used in the southern United States.
Cabin John Aqueduct

Cabin John, MD

Completed 1863 under the direction of Capt. Montgomery Meigs, this was the longest span stone masonry arch in the world until 1903. It still serves its basic, initial purposes of...
Caledonian Canal


This 60 mile long 110 ft wide ship canal across Scotland between the north and Irish seas was constructed between 1804 and 1822 using state-of-the-art technology on an...
Callan's Pioneering Contributions to Electrical Science and Technology

Maynooth, County Kildare

Reverend Nicholas Callan contributed significantly to the understanding of electrical induction and the development of the induction coil.
Callan's Pioneering Contributions to Electrical Science and Technology


Nicholas Joseph Callan made many discoveries during his lifetime; he was the first to establish the link between rate-of-change of current and electromagnetic induction, and...
Canton Viaduct

Canton, MA

Since its opening in 1835, the Canton Viaduct has been in continuous service to high speed rail. This 21-arch granite masonry bridge was uniquely designed with hollow spaces...
Cape Cod Canal

Cape Cod, MA

This sea-level canal's seventeen mile length opened in 1914 after being designed to cope with a tidal differential of 4.5 feet coupled with a three-hour out-of-phase tidal...
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Hatteras, NC

Constructed in 1870, this lighthouse, at 198 feet, is the tallest in the United States and the second tallest brick light tower in the world.
Carrollton Viaduct

Baltimore, MD

Designed and built by Casper Weaver, the viaduct was the first major structure on an American railroad. Completed in 1829, this two-span masonry arch remains in full service today...